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Tailored services for the enterprise

Beside pre-packaged services, YAWABUREAU proposes a set of tailored services to adapt to various needs arising at different stage of evolution of the enterprise.

Our Consulting Services organisation is available for a free evaluation of your needs. Please complete this form and a consultant will get in touch with you within one working day.


The Network Design service has the objective to deliver a document that

  • lists customer’s requirements

  • analyses pros & cons of some options

  • proposes a solution satisfying wherever possible the requirements

  • shows the diagram of the solution rendered with the physical connections of all equipment and

  • provides the IP addressing scheme 

NETWORK IMPLEMENTATION The Network Implementation service consists in the project management of the deployment of the network according to the design. Equipment provisioning can be taken care of on request.


NETWORK VULNERABILITY AUDIT The Network Vulnerability Audit service has the objective to test the enterprise network against a number of flaws like, for instance: backdoors, CGI abuses, flaws in CISCO equipment, default Unix accounts, Denial of Service, firewall settings, FTP services, gain access remotely via a shell, Netware, SMTP flaws and many others. 

The result of the investigation is formalised in a Vulnerability Report with security holes sorted by risk. Threats are listed, prioritised and depicted in graphical form. Guidelines are provided on how to eliminate them.

RESOURCE ACCESS POLICY AUDIT The Resource Access Policy Audit service has the objective of revising internal IT resources access policies and procedures. A report highlights inconsistencies and proposes corrective actions vis-à-vis of both policies and procedures. 
APPLICATION VULNERABILITY AUDIT The Application Vulnerability Audit service analyses the deployment of an application vis-à-vis of the security threat posed to the enterprise. A report highlights the threats and proposes the means to eliminate it.
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