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Content Filtering technology for data preservation

While Internet is rapidly becoming the single most important infrastructure component of every enterprise. content is the reason for the infrastructure to exist. Whether we download files, send or receive e-mails, or get information from web sites around the world, we deal with content, a potential carrier of malware.

Virus, worm, trojan horse, spyware, phishing, active content, spam, globally called malware, are illnesses affecting computers. Common to them all is that they are moved onto the computer by the use of http, ftp and e-mail protocols. Operating system bugs can also provide avenues to those illnesses.

The impact of malware on a computer could be a benign simple banner window from the hacker or, in the worst case, data from the enterprise database could be erased and/or stolen. Whatever the case, a disruption of the normal workflow has to be expected at best, and non-negligible amount of money in damages and repair for the worst-case scenario.

Personal versus centralised content filtering software

While good security practice calls for the installation of personal security software on each enterprise’s computer, compliance with security policies is very dependent on user’s behaviour. Should one isolated user fail to strictly implement enterprise’s security policies for content access, the whole enterprise network could quickly become compromised.

Without centralised content filtering, enterprise desktops and servers would sooner or later become victim of an assault and stop providing service to the users while delivering precious bits of information to malicious attackers. Furthermore, the compromised computers are liable to be used as springboards to infect other Internet users, using-up most of the enterprise’s resources.

Why a managed content filtering service ?

Beyond applying sound business practices to provide the right information to the right people, care must be taken to ensure that valuable enterprise information is not unduly discovered and exploited to the advantage of unauthorised users. Managing the delivery of security services is a complex and time-consuming task, requiring constant upgrades and technical savvy people, with non-trivial costs in tools and personnel.

YAWABUREAU En-PriseContent Managed Service provides the enterprise with impressive content filtering functions in a reliable and top performing fashion. The sturdy hardware and extensively tested Linux software gives the assurance of a service of quality.

By subscribing to the En-PriseContent family of services, the enterprise acquires peace of mind as far as safe content access is concerned, and focuses valuable resources on the core business.

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