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IPsec VPN for global connectivity

In the quest to extend their presence over an ever increasing number of markets global enterprises of any size need offices almost everywhere in the world. To remain competitive while affording a network that spans all sites, big, medium and small enterprises frequently have to trade the level of global connectivity for profits.

YAWABUREAU En-PriseNet Managed Service provides secure, stable and affordable global connectivity. With En-PriseNet Managed Service enterprises of all sizes can now afford connecting all offices to the the corporate LAN. With En-PriseNet Managed Service an enterprise will not have to worry about security or management of the VPN network: the service takes care of that. 

No need to invest in expensive networking gear either : En-PriseNet Managed Service cater for the provision of peripheral equipment. With En-PriseNet Managed Service solutions the enterprise achieves higher security, higher productivity, and lower total cost of ownership (TCO).

Based on IPsec VPN and Open Standards, En-PriseNet Managed Service is the safest, cheapest and fastest way to build a new global network, migrate from an expensive technology or extend the current network. Whether  the enterprise has a domestic or international focus, En-PriseNet Managed Service has the solution for your ambitions.

Millions of users trust it

Millions of users in the world use IPsec VPN technology daily trusting confidential data and performing precious enterprise transactions over IPsec VPN links.

En-PriseNet IPsec VPN technology allows employees, partners and customers alike to access the enterprise network at their respective level of authorisation rights with the same level of highly enforced security without regard for the origin of the access. Whether they are working out of a corporate LAN or connecting from an hotel or even a car via a cell phone, they will enjoy the same secure access service.

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