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Firewall technology for safe connectivity

Internet is rapidly becoming the single most important infrastructure component of every enterprise. Seldom we encounter a business that doesn't have at least one e-mail address and the few still remaining are quickly moving to adopt it.

When the utilisation of e-mail and web browser has pervaded the whole enterprise, there is the need for a permanent connection to Internet via an high speed link of an ISP (Internet Service Provider) . But the nature of the technology is such that  over the worldwide Internet network everything is accessible to everybody unless we do something to prevent unauthorised access to our network.

That "something" is a firewall. 

Nobody with some sense should connect to the Internet without a firewall protection. There are too many source of treats coming from all over the world that even few seconds without protection could be fatal for the whole of the enterprise's network. Data could be damaged or lost but, what could be worst, precious data could fall in the hands of competition.

Are all firewalls equal ?

While many off-the-shelf firewall products are readily available for all to use, the need to make them simple for the average user hampers their effectiveness, while those with more functions are difficult to use effectively. 

The bottom line is that the off-the-shelf firewall could provide a false sense of security while leaving gaps-in-the-fence that any two-cents-worth hacker will exploit as soon as it discovers it and that's only a matter of seconds.

Why a managed firewall service ?

A hacker is an intelligent person who is trying to prove, whether to the self or others, the level of his/her skills. Once a hole is covered the hacker looks for a new challenge. which makes the race between the hacker and the firewall a matter of intelligence. A piece of hardware and software left on its own is bound, sooner or later, to fall prey of the smart hacker and then it is too late.

With a managed service firewall there is a human being intelligence behind to counteract the hacker's one.

YAWABUREAU En-PriseWall Managed Service provides the network with impressive security and routing functions in a reliable and top performing fashion. The sturdy hardware and extensively tested Linux software is the springboard for the delivery of network protection services based on a stateful firewall, virtual private networking (VPN) and intrusion detection system (NIDS) capabilities. 

By protecting the internal network from outside intrusions, En-PriseWall Managed Service allows the enterprise to dedicate all its resources to its core business with peace of mind.

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