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Other Managed Services

Beyond the core of our Managed Services offer (En-PriseWall, En-PriseNet and En-PriseConnect), YAWABUREAU s.r.l. can deliver a complementary set of Managed Services, provided the customer subscribes to either one of the core set service. 

We dedicate the outmost care in preparing quotations for prospector customers and we appreciate that each configuration requires special processing. Please fill-in this form to enquire about the service of interest to you and we will get in touch with you within one working day.

Network Monitoring

The Network Monitoring Managed Service provides 24x7 monitoring of the target network for faults and performance issues.

IDS Sensors 

In order to detect network intrusions attempts we can install sensors connected to specific points of your LAN. We currently monitor about 1800 different intrusion types and new ones are added every day.

The deliverable is the list of intrusion attempts type and origin.

System Administration 

If you need your server environment to run at peak performance 24x7, but don't want to devote resources or staff to monitor and attend to your servers around the clock, our System Administration Service will provide the expert support you need. 

We are fully qualified to support any type of Microsoft-based infrastructures. Our professionals are also well trained in Unix/Linux-based server system administration. 

Flexible solutions are available to meet your particular system administration needs.

Network Management 

YawaBureau offers Network Management services aimed at helping our customers optimise the use of their networking assets. 

The suite includes fault management, network administration, configuration backup and performance management. Among the deliverables are detailed information pertaining to network performance and utilization of routers, switches, servers, bandwidth and other networking equipment. We also provide recommendations on how to improve the performance of your network.

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