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YawaBureau is recognized as the best value for money VPN and firewall service provider, YawaBureau supplies appliances and IT security managed services that enable enterprises to deliver secure remote access to any enterprise application.

YawaBureau makes use of both open source and in-house developed software to provide appliances and services for the security and connectivity of the enterprise network. 

A recognized leader in VPN and network security, YAWABUREAU develops solutions used by business, government, individuals, and professionals to provide global secure connectivity as well as data and network protection for the enterprise.

YAWABUREAU experience includes: open environment, distributed client/server networking; high quality wide-area PC connectivity; all networking protocols; switching technology and store-and-forward techniques; high level of network and data reliability and security. 

Business organisations are entities in permanent state of change in order to adapt to market conditions. YAWABUREAU  understands it and has designed products and services to accommodate rapid growth in users and locations connected.

YAWABUREAU provides a comprehensive suite of products and services that meet a full range of secure connectivity, network intrusion and data protection needs—from automatic, transparent organization-wide secure network connectivity in a multinational or national conglomerate (En-PriseNet) to solutions for the medium and small enterprise (En-PriseConnect) to solution specifically adapted for the home office (SOHO) user (En-PriseWall).

YAWABUREAU products and services are designed to be both user and network-friendly. YAWABUREAU products have earned a reputation for excellence based on their high technical standards and the practical experience of long-term users. YAWABUREAU is committed to standards-based, non-proprietary technologies, ensuring wide compatibility among deployments. All products share a common development environment and are fully interoperable. 

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