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Although YAWABUREAU s.r.l. is a relatively young company, the multicultural team has an impressive experience record. Some contributors have been working for last thirty years in the IT field honing their skills working at leader companies in the field such as Digital Equipment Corporation, Compaq Computer, IBM, Nortel Networks and HP.

Having been exposed to a multitude of projects of different types in various industries, YAWABUREAU contributors brought with them an experience that has helped to conceive solutions with flexible and efficient architectures.

To you as a customer that brings the guaranty to a reliable uninterrupted service. 

Costantino Balletta
President, Chief Executive Officer, Founder 

The idea of YAWABUREAU was conceived by Costantino in 2000 while directing the Support Organisation of a French high tech start-up. Costantino's vision was to bring to the market the new technologies for a more efficient and effective way to conduct business without having to stretch an enterprise's financial exposure.

Costantino was Programme Director for the EMEA (Europe, Middle East and Africa) Region at Compaq Computer France with responsibilities over IT projects spanning multiple countries. Costantino started as a programmer in 1975 working for Digital Equipment Corporation in Italy.

In South Africa Costantino was responsible at Olivetti Africa for the development of IT solutions for large financial concerns.

Costantino holds a Ph.D. in Electronics & Telecommunications from the Politecnico of Torino (Italy).

Daniel Lefevre
 EMEA Sales Director

A multi-lingual executive management and business consultant with over 25 years experience in the IT, Financial & Telecom industries, Daniel has developed a strong cross-sector knowledge.
While working in EMEA, Daniel led significant initiatives in business acquisitions, with international P&L responsibility.

Daniel has built his experience working for IBM South Africa, Digital/Compaq EMEA and Fujitsu-Amdahl EMEA. With a strong technical and business background, Daniel held roles ranging from technical and business consultant to executive management. 

While at Fujitsu-Amdahl, Daniel built and managed the EMEA Consulting & Business Practices organisations, and defined and developed the Solutions & Consulting business in EMEA.

At Digital equipment, Daniel defined, built and managed the Digital/IBM interconnect program and practice for EMEA and Asia/Pacific. In his position as Business Consultant for the financial and telecom sector, Daniel helped the Polish national committee (presided by the minister of economy & finance) defining the new banking regulations.

Daniel has been a speaker at conferences and had articles published in several computer and financial magazines. Due to his business views and knowledge of the EMEA region, he is frequently the subject of press interviews.


Jacques Demare
 Chief Technology Officer

After a few years at Sun Microsystems, Jacques was a Consultant and a Project Manager at Hewlett Packard, designing and implementing IT solutions for HP's major customers in EMEA. In 2000 Jacques took a position as Pre-Sales Senior Consultant at Nortel Networks. 

Before joining YAWABUREAU, Jacques was working as an independent consultant in the telecom industry in France and Africa. 

In Africa, Jacques was the technical advisor for Gabon Telecom, handling the relations with actors like Cisco, Alcatel and Siemens, and sharing with the local marketing team the responsibility for setting up the new Internet market strategy, and writing the marketing mix.

Jacques holds an Engineering Degree from the ESIGELEC (France).

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