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A safer world to be in

In today's world security is becoming one of the biggest issue for any enterprise using the Internet for its business. Whether the concern is a virus spread through e-mails or a hacker attempting to get access to corporate data and resources, security is an item that is getting ever more important on the balance sheet: IT Departments need more money to fight against the treats coming from all directions. The best would be to deal only with one's core business and leave the fight to the experts.

YAWABUREAU envisions a world where enterprise's departments access enterprise's data and resources in the same way regardless of their geographical location, relative distance and dimension at an affordable cost. 

YAWABUREAU security solutions, En-PriseWall, En-PriseNet , En-PriseContent Managed Services and En-PriseConnect, provide secure, stable and affordable global connectivity and content access for the enterprise. Whether to a single employee or an entire department or branch, data and resources become seamlessly available to each authorised party without regard to the means to connect to the Internet (ADSL, broadband, wireless, dial-up, etc.)

Millions of users trust it

With millions of users benefiting from it daily around the world, IPsec VPN and SSL VPN technologies have nothing more to prove to be trusted for sharing precious enterprise data and resources with all concerned parties.

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