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Case Studies

The following case studies provide a glimpse of the fields of application of En-PriseNet and En-PriseWall Managed Services. More examples tuned to your specific industry can be provided on request. Please let us know your interest by filling this form.

Worldwide Dealers Network

With the first project this important Italian manufacturing company was aiming to drastically reduce costs while improving the efficiency of its dealers worldwide. The current data network, based on satellite technology, was outdated, expensive, did not scale nicely and, what is worst, it was unreliable. 

Implementing the En-PriseNet Managed Services solution 

  • the client saves capital money, since the networking equipment (router and firewall) is provided with the service, and 

  • saves in monthly expenses due to contained rental fees of the En-PriseNet Managed Services solution vis--vis of a traditional one based on leased lines 

  • the security of the connection increases since the client controls the policies of the firewall 

  • the reliability improves many folds due to the meshed nature of the Internet, sturdy networking equipment and a support service provided by leading worldwide IT concerns 

  • scaling is no more an issue since a new dealer can be added in two working days

The client was particularly satisfied since the solution allowed the provision of the service to dealers of East European countries where a traditional leased lines solution would not have been affordable by the dealer.

Domestic Partners Network

A second project involved the provisioning of an extranet for their domestic partners. Today the supplying of technical data is by CD-ROM. Beyond being expensive it was unreliable and ineffective since the partners frequently phoned in to check whether a latest update was available.

The security being a concern (very few partners are computer educated) the client was looking for a very reliable and very secure way to provide the partners, and them only, with access to the most updated technical data.

YAWABUREAU En-PriseWall Managed Service is the solution that allows the client to 

  • to get a totally managed firewall and router installed at the partner's site for the partner's peace of mind in connecting to the Internet

  • to have total control over the firewall policies for client's own network security peace of mind 

  • complementary services can be provided on a per-client basis leveraging on the firewall/router infrastructure

Client and partners are very satisfied since with a very contained budget per installation each obtains very good value-for-money.

International investment firm

This UK based financial concern has three offices: one in London, the second in France and one in the Cayman Islands plus a small group of mobile users connecting to the corporate network while on business trip. Security was the paramount concern the client asked us to address.

The solution envisaged consisted in deploying En-PriseNet Managed Service in the three offices connecting to the BT Openworld Business 500 ADSL service in London, to France Telecom Wanadoo's eXtense 512 in France and to Cable & Wireless ADSL service in the Cayman Islands.

Users from the offices' LAN, as well as authorised mobile users around the world, get safe and unfettered access to corporate database and e-mail.

This is a typical example of a small organisation affording a global corporate network without having to spend a fortune for it.

Insurance branches

This important insurance concern was looking to reduce the cost of connecting the peripheral offices. Linked to the 2-tier corporate network with leased lines via their respective regional hubs there are upward of 500 branches permanently part of the corporate network. With such numbers even a small reduction in rental/subscription fee per office connected makes the total saving worthwhile pursuing. When the savings in personnel managing the current network were added, it became clear to the IT Director which side was the interest of the company.

It was a nice surprise to the client to discover that by deploying the En-PriseNet Managed Service the overall performance of the network improved allowing for the deployment of additional services until then kept in the after-burner for lack of bandwidth. 

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